Delight your guests.

And consistently generate more visits, leads, and customers.

Presence Promotes Engagement

Every visitor to your business is a marketing opportunity that you don't want to miss. iSnap's connected devices connect your physical location with online consumers to create social media engagement and drive new traffic.

Customers love sharing your brand experiences with iSnap!


Photos Shared


Fans and Followers


Photo Views

iSnap Live Network Wide Metrics

iSnap entices your customers to share promotions with their friends, creating much higher value engagement than traditional advertising.

What’s Possible With iSnap for Businesses?


Serve rich ads across the platform: on your photo station, your brand page, and attached to shared photos.

Email Marketing

Collect customer opt-in email addresses and export them to your existing marketing tools

Facebook Fans

Instantly capture new Facebook fans on the photo station and your brand page.

Twitter Followers

Instantly capture new Twitter followers on the photo station.

Social Checkins

Checkin users to Facebook and Foursquare geotagged locations automatically.


Represent two brands on a single photo station and share data and engagement.

User Generated Content

Generate a regular stream of photo content and add it to your digital properties using our apps and widgets.


iSnap photos see some of the highest engagement and quality scores on social networks.

Forms and Surveys

Run contests, sign-ups, surveys, and more by embedding custom forms on the photo station.