Grow your bottom line.......Socially!

What is iSnap?

iSnap is an affordable social marketing solution that provides a fun and novel way for your customers to market on your behalf. Consisting of photo stations, marketing tools, and a company brand page, your customers will have fun sharing branded photos while sophisticated tools drive your backend marketing.

iSnap Components

Branded photos

Your customers share photos with your brand through their social networks, exposing your brand to thousands and and growing your social audience.

Marketing Tools

Collect and analyze customer social media demographics, and integrate them into your databases, lead generation campaigns, and customer loyalty programs.

Company Brand Page

Branded pages help expand and reinforce your social media profile., and provide a platform for ongoing promotions and social engagement.

iSnap Key Benefits

Brand Exposure

Get hundreds of thousands of people exposed to your brand through the most popular social platforms.

Social Following

Gain hundreds of new fans, followers and emails. Monetize this asset through your marketing campaigns.

Revenue Generation

Generate thousands more in revenue with ads and promotions directly from the iSnap platform.

iSnap Photo Station Features 


Designed for high reliability and security with a steel enclosure and industrial-grade parts.


Breaks into 3 manageable pieces. Easy to move around and does NOT require freight handling.


Customizable photo overlay and front poster makes it easy to brand for any occasion.

Customers Love iSnap

Since we installed the photo station, a day hasn’t gone by where it hasn’t been used. Customers love taking and sharing multiple photos throughout the night, and we love being able to use the collected data to interact with them and get to know them better.
— Kevin Lutz, Stoney Inn