iSnap believes in “Presence” – the connecting of our online social networks and our physical spaces through a network of permanently installed appliances.

iSnap enables Presence-Based Marketing by engaging users via a photo sharing appliance while they are at a physical location. Presence-Based Marketing allows businesses to interact with their consumers while they are on site and in the venue, capturing and sharing positive moments.

Company Values

At iSnap, we believe in authenticity of interaction between consumers and brands and authenticity of communication between us and our customers.

We believe the best way to be authentic is to be honest and direct, with no fluff. We integrate this philosophy into our design, technology and communication.

Leadership & Team

iSnap was co-founded by CEO Alexander Lowe and COO Dat Tau in 2010 in Sacramento, CA. Our company has a passion for making people smile and giving brands credit for creating amazing experiences. iSnap users have shared over 1 million photos with over 200 million people and our products can be found in seven countries.

The iSnap team has over 30 combined years of experience in the kiosk/interactive marketing industry, having built and sold kiosk platform company Webraiser Technologies to Flextronics, Intl (FLEX), most known for its Redbox and Amerigas Self Service enterprise solutions. Complimenting our kiosk experience is over years of social and digital marketing experience building marketing analytics company Ad Propel.