Tap Into The Network Effect

The power of social media marketing is in its network effect. When a friend makes a post to their social media account, their hundreds of friends immediately see the post. When your customers post through iSnap, your brand is easily exposed to hundreds of thousands of people a month.

Share photos through popular platforms

With the ability to directly share to Facebook and Twitter (and Email), iSnap is the perfect way to get your brand seen on these popular social media platforms. By far the most popular, Facebook is still trending with over 1.3 billion active users.

Branded photos seen by hundreds of friends

When users share their photos to Facebook and Twitter, your branded photo will be seen by all their family and friends. The average facebook user has over 500 Facebook friends! There's no better endorsement than having your own customers say great things about you. Our unique ability to 'tag' friends further expands your audience.

We'll promote your pictures

Your brand and photos will also be promoted on the iSnap.com platform. Not only is this a great way for potential customers to see what your venue is all about, the platform allows for more marketing and revenue opportunities.