Sophisticatedly Simple Marketing

Much more than just a social photo station, iSnap is a sophisticated marketing platform that will drive your social marketing initiatives and expand your traditional marketing channels. We'll show you how it all works in a just a few steps.

1. Connect Your Venue

The photo station itself is extremely easy to unpack, setup, and configure. It all takes about 30 minutes.

  • First, assemble your photo station. 3 pieces, no tools required.
  • Then, connect power and internet. Also works with wifi and cell.
  • Finally, configure your device. Just a few simple steps.


Your industrial grade photo station will immediately start doing all the hard work for you. The sleek design will pull your customers in as they walk by and see themselves on the screen. "Oh I can take my picture?" "And I can share it on Facebook!" The iSnap taps into one of the most fundamental uses of social media, sharing their experiences through photos to families and friends.

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Your customers will immediately share their photo, branded with your logo, to their hundreds of friends. Everyone will know where they're have such a great time! Word-of-mouth advertising at its best.

"We had a great experience at the Cosmosphere, and this picture is a great momento of the great time we had."
Susan Benson,
actual customer email


When a friend clicks on the photo for a larger view, they'll be directed to your iSnap brand page. There they can browse through more of your photos and see what your venue is all about. This will be the perfect moment for you to offer an enticing coupon or promotion to draw them into your venue! Using a simple $3 off coupon, Esquire IMAX was able to directly generate over $10,000 in revenue over a 6 month period!

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iSnap automatically pulls additional information about your users directly from their social media accounts into easy to consume charts and graphs. Age, sex, location, birthdays. Usage information such as number of posts, networks posted to, and user messages are also logged. Information you'll need to optimize not only the photo station, but other marketing initiatives to make sure you're targeting the right audience.

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We know generating great content and data for your other marketing activities like websites, ads, and promotions is costly and time consuming. iSnap will provide you with an endless source of photos, emails, customer quotes, and more! Data is easily exportable to your favorite marketing tools.