Engaging Customers Digitally to Maximize Return on Investment

iSnap makes it fun for customers/visitors to “share the moment” by posting photos at a venue when they are having a great time. iSnap users who post photos to their social media platform are serving as the business’s brand ambassador and are actually recommending the brand to their friends and family. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

Taking full advantage of the iSnap users with follow-on customer engagement should motivate them and their friends to come back multiple times.   

A great way to do follow on customer engagement is to take advantage of iSnap’s email lists. Send out follow up emails thanking folks for their recent visit and to encourage them to come back soon. A Bain and Company study shows that return customers spend up to 3x more compared to first time visitors. 

To be effective, each email must add value to the conversation. This content can announce an upcoming special event, send a discount/coupon or ask them to join a loyalty club. Businesses can measure ROI and the effectiveness of their emails by measuring how many of those in the targeted audience make a return visit and redeem coupons or tickets, and spend more money. 

Make sure to recognize and thank these customers when they do return. Special treatment is a great way to show appreciation. This special treatment will encourage customers to become “regulars”.  

Taking the time to use email and target customers and their friends motivating them to make a return visit is profitable and develops customer loyalty. The more visits a customer makes, the more money they spend, and the more likely they will spread the word on their positive experiences with a broader set of friends and family.  

4 Quick Social Media Tips for Casino Marketers

According to a JD Powers and Associates study of California casinos, if your casino is a player’s first choice, they will spend 55% of their gambling budget with you. How do you then become a player’s first choice? By letting players form a personal connection with your brand via social media platforms. Social media is a great way to connect with players, allow players to connect with you and also grow your fan base. Here are some quick and easy tips for making the most of your casino’s social media presence.  


Take a quick look at the content on your various social media platforms. If it’s not interesting to you, chances are it’s not interesting to your players. The most effective social media posts are those that include more information and interaction rather than those that advertise. Try to put yourself in the perspective of a potential customer and choose content that would appeal to them. Some good examples are amenities they might not know about, upcoming events or promotions or updates for gaming programs.


Speak with your players instead of at them. Post content on social media platforms that encourages engagement and conversation. You can try asking questions, posting information, or asking guests to participate in contests. Here are some great examples:

  • Post a fun photo taken in your venue and ask players to caption it
  • Fill in the blank “The biggest jackpot I ever won was ___”
  • Gambling news and pro tips

Also remember that conversation goes two ways. Make sure to respond to guest questions or comments in a timely manner. It’s always best to deal with complaints or issues offline, but sometimes offering a discount or complimentary drink can really help!

3.     BE VISUAL

Everyone loves looking at photos. Encourage players to post photos from your property and tag your Casino’s page where appropriate. When your players’ friends see what a great time they’re having, they’ll want to come too. Word of mouth advertising is the best there is. Encourage it with photos.


Use your social media platforms to promote your casino’s Players’ Club. You can offer discount codes, special promotions or contests and promote everything via your social media pages. This is also a great way to encourage membership and participation. Use your pages to offer discounts for new members, or a special offer if Player’s Club members become fans of your Facebook page.

Hopefully by now you’ve started thinking about your current social media strategies and are energized to try some of the new ideas above. Social media can be a challenging maze to navigate. Fortunately iSnap can help with each of the steps mentioned above and more. By installing iSnap photo stations in your casino, you’re enticing customers to take and share photos, talk about your business, share their positive experiences with friends, participate in contests and promotions, and even register for Player’s Clubs. You’ll also have access to a wealth of demographic information and marketing contact data. Contact us today to learn more and for a free demo. 

Leveraging Sponsors

Many of our customers actually have some or all of the cost of the iSnap system paid for through sponsorships. This can be particularly attractive to venue owners who can leverage the iSnap system as a tool to promote one or more of their sponsors. There are several opportunities where you can monetize the iSnap system through sponsorships:

1.)   Graphic photo overlay - This can be done by including a sponsor logo on the overlay or including sponsor promotional text.

2.)   iSnap system pedestal graphic - The pedestal of the iSnap system includes a removable advertising graphic panel. You can offer to install a sponsor advertising graphic on the system pedestal for a period of time. This is a great opportunity for systems that are located in venues with high levels of foot traffic like hotels, casinos, shopping malls, etc.

3.)   Pre-photo advertising - The iSnap system software includes the ability to add an optional static or video “attract loop”. This content loop runs on the iSnap video screen when the system is not being used to take a photo. Like the pedestal graphic, this tool is effective in high traffic environments.

4.)   Post-photo advertising - An advertisement can be displayed on the video display after the user has taken their picture on the system. The iSnap system software provides the tools to include a static or video ad that can be run after a photo has been taken.

5.)   Post-photo coupon/offer - With the iSnap system, you can append every photo taken with a coupon or other type of promotional offer.

Using one or more of these advertising tools with sponsors can help to offset the cost of owning iSnap systems. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Who Doesn't Like Beer?

Craft beer has become one of the hottest trends in America over the past few years. There are now over 4,000 craft breweries in America, more than double the number just a few years ago. We have many brewery customers using the iSnap system as a central piece of their user experience and marketing programs. From the biggest brewer on earth, Anheuser Busch, to some of the most recognizable craft breweries like Dogfish Head and Green Flash, and even smaller, local breweries like Yolo Brewing Company in West Sacramento, California. 

When Yolo opened in 2014 they placed an iSnap system in their beer hall and it has become a major source of valuable marketing information. In particular, Yolo uses the iSnap as a way to capture email addresses of visitors for follow-on marketing activities. “Our iSnap system has become our number one source of subscribers to our weekly email blasts” said Mike Costello, co-founder at Yolo. He continued “While many people aren’t interested in signing up on a paper list, everyone has fun using the iSnap to share the fun they are having with their friends, and when they use the iSnap we automatically capture their email address for our mailing list…..it’s just that simple”.

Interested in learning more about how the iSnap system can help your marketing efforts? Give us a call or use the contact form here.