Smile. How every day becomes a memorable event when customers say “Cheese”.

Think fast. What’s your earliest memory? Do you picture yourself blowing out candles on a birthday cake? How many candles? If there are fewer than four candles, chances are you are remembering a photo of one of your early birthday parties. (Experts say that we can start to remember at 3- or 4-years of age.) We take photos and “selfies” to preserve the moment and make lasting memories.  Photos have always been a staple at any major event or party, whether a disposable camera at a birthday party, or paparazzi-studded celebrity events. Combine photos with real-time social sharing and you’ve added a turbocharger to your experience.

Event marketing. Experiential marketing. Live marketing. Location-based marketing.

Whatever the label, when a photo is part of your customer’s experience, your business can become an event. People attend live events to have face-to-face interactions and network with their friends, families and peers. People join social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for the same reason: to interact and connect. Given their similarities, it only makes sense to incorporate social media marketing, and specifically location-based marketing into the promotion and execution of successful events. But what if there was a tool that combined our human need for narcissism and consumerism seamlessly with photo perfection.

In the age of the “selfie”, cell phone cameras and Instagram are almost a prerequisite for leaving the house. If it wasn’t via captured social media, did it really even happen?

Playing on the mix of technology and good old fashioned narcissism, iSnap creates a location-based marketing platform, that combines the human need for interaction, but the current trend of living your life through social media; people want to share pictures of themselves endlessly, and in the moment.

Location-based marketing is a natural extension of the current social media marketing trend because it makes attendees feel welcome and gets them involved. Location-based marketing broadens the participation of attendees by allowing them to communicate and collaborate with each other and share their experiences in real-time via their social media channels.

Location-based marketing also furthers the message of your event beyond those in attendance. Every time attendees engage with your event via social media, it is exposed to their online connections. The word-of-mouth promotion that happens in social networks has the potential to put your brand in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective attendees in a matter of minutes. iSnap offers an easy entry into social media and event marketing integration because photos are one of the most popular forms of content on the social web. Sharing photos is a big draw for both event attendees and potential customer, being in the moment and capturing the moment, is the best word of mouth advertising your brand can experience. Photos are fast, and tell are able to tell a story without much narrative.  Fueled by the power of real-time social media, location-based marketing can significantly boost your event’s impact. Hosts not only get their events and brands promoted through a customer’s social network, but also have the ability to collect email addresses and other important information, for future marketing outreach.

Location-based marketing with iSnap captures memorable moments from your event and elicits an immediate emotional response from viewers. Location-based marketing is the new “selfie”. Create picture perfect nostalgia for your customers, while building your brand. Just as photos can trigger your fondest childhood memories, iSnap can turn your customers experience with your business and brand into a memorable and sharable event.