To Thine Own Self(ie) Be True

The rise of the #selfie and how to capitalize on a trend – from the experts at iSnap.

It’s no secret that we are seeing the rise of  the “selfie” on almost everywhere – social media channels, mainstream media, even in music. Think of the last few selfies you saw. What captured your attention? I don’t know about you, but my favorite selfies are the ones taken in unique and memorable locations.

This begs the question for marketers: how can I market with selfies? At iSnap, we’re kind of the experts on this (we’ve been doing it before it was cool), so here’s our failsafe tips:

- First, give people something interesting to take selfies in front of.

If you build it, they will come. This also applies to selfies. If you have an iSnap photo station already, we can’t stress this enough. Historically, the number of photos taken and shared in your venue will rise astronomically if you position the device with something awesome in the background.

- Keep sharing #simple.

Make it super, super easy for your customers to find their photos. If you’re an iSnap customer, let your guests know they can find their photos on your iSnap brand page. If not, try using a custom hashtag to keep track of all the selfies in your venue. People like looking at photos of other people – how do you think Facebook got so popular?

- Make it a contest.

Run promotions and giveaways around selfies. Promote your favorites on your brand’s Facebook page or share them on Twitter. Encourage your guests to tag you when they post on their own pages.