Leveraging Sponsors

Many of our customers actually have some or all of the cost of the iSnap system paid for through sponsorships. This can be particularly attractive to venue owners who can leverage the iSnap system as a tool to promote one or more of their sponsors. There are several opportunities where you can monetize the iSnap system through sponsorships:

1.)   Graphic photo overlay - This can be done by including a sponsor logo on the overlay or including sponsor promotional text.

2.)   iSnap system pedestal graphic - The pedestal of the iSnap system includes a removable advertising graphic panel. You can offer to install a sponsor advertising graphic on the system pedestal for a period of time. This is a great opportunity for systems that are located in venues with high levels of foot traffic like hotels, casinos, shopping malls, etc.

3.)   Pre-photo advertising - The iSnap system software includes the ability to add an optional static or video “attract loop”. This content loop runs on the iSnap video screen when the system is not being used to take a photo. Like the pedestal graphic, this tool is effective in high traffic environments.

4.)   Post-photo advertising - An advertisement can be displayed on the video display after the user has taken their picture on the system. The iSnap system software provides the tools to include a static or video ad that can be run after a photo has been taken.

5.)   Post-photo coupon/offer - With the iSnap system, you can append every photo taken with a coupon or other type of promotional offer.

Using one or more of these advertising tools with sponsors can help to offset the cost of owning iSnap systems. Contact us if you would like to learn more.