Who Doesn't Like Beer?

Craft beer has become one of the hottest trends in America over the past few years. There are now over 4,000 craft breweries in America, more than double the number just a few years ago. We have many brewery customers using the iSnap system as a central piece of their user experience and marketing programs. From the biggest brewer on earth, Anheuser Busch, to some of the most recognizable craft breweries like Dogfish Head and Green Flash, and even smaller, local breweries like Yolo Brewing Company in West Sacramento, California. 

When Yolo opened in 2014 they placed an iSnap system in their beer hall and it has become a major source of valuable marketing information. In particular, Yolo uses the iSnap as a way to capture email addresses of visitors for follow-on marketing activities. “Our iSnap system has become our number one source of subscribers to our weekly email blasts” said Mike Costello, co-founder at Yolo. He continued “While many people aren’t interested in signing up on a paper list, everyone has fun using the iSnap to share the fun they are having with their friends, and when they use the iSnap we automatically capture their email address for our mailing list…..it’s just that simple”.

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