Marketing Reports and Tools 

Connect with your customers.

Grow your business!

Features & Benefits

Secure Dashboard 

Log in to securely view your collected customer data and analytics and get weekly summaries delivered to your email inbox.

Remote Configuration 

Manage your campaigns and configuration across networks of one or hundreds of photo stations from the comfort of your office.

Data Export and Integration

Export data and pictures to integrate with your existing web sites, social media pages, CRM, loyalty programs, and internal systems.

Interactive Tools and Reports

Engagement Reports and Tools 

Report on the engagement of your photo station, brand page, and shared photos across all online properties.


Understand your customers by segmentation by age, language, location, and gender.

Fans, Followers, Opt-Ins  

Measure new fans and followers on social media sites and export email opt-ins to your email marketing tool.


Live Interactive Feed 

View pictures and posts in real time so you can connect with customers instantly while they are at your location.

Lead Generation 

Measure and export leads that have completed forms, signed up for promotions, or completed surveys.

Customer Birthdays 

Reach out to customers with upcoming birthdays to wish them well and to extend a promotion.