Significant Return-On-Investment

Marketing typically provides a soft ROI. It's difficult to measure, but we KNOW that brand exposure, social fans, and other campaigns will net you more customers and revenue. That's why iSnap also provides measurable ways to directly increase your bottom line. Ads, promotions and sponsorships are revenue-generating opportunities available throughout the iSnap platform. Whether you lease or purchase, iSnap provides market leading ROI compared with other marketing/advertising solutions.

iSnap CPM Estimate

Average Photos/Day per Venue: 30-50

Average Share Exposures per Photo: 150-200

Monthly Impressions (Higher Exposure): 50 photos/day x 200 shares/photo x 30 days = 300,000 

Monthly Impressions (Lower Exposure): 30 x 150 shares/photo x 30 days = 135,000

Monthly Average Cost: $250

CPM (Higher Exposure): $250 / 300K impressions = $0.83

CPM (Lower Exposure): $250 / 135K impressions = $1.85

CPM Comparison


$0.83 - $1.85


$11.00 - $16.00

Spot TV

$8.00 - $36.00

Network TV

$6.00 - $27.00

Internet: Video

$23.00 - $27.00

Internet: Mobile

$2.00 - $6.00

Internet: General Display

$1.00 - $6.00

Internet: Premium Display

$6.00 - $12.00


$8.00 - $20.00


$25.00 - $40.00

Marketing Leads and Revenue

Collect user email addresses for your marketing campaigns

Users can opt-in to your emailing lists and other marketing lists. Easily exportable and importable into your favorite emailing management system. The typical iSnap photo station will collect 500 new emails addresses every month, more if your foot traffic is high.

Append an offer or special link to each post

Append a custom message to the user's message for a promotion or entice a click to a link. Offer a coupon, promote a new website, entice them with lead capture. The opportunities to drive traffic are only limited by your imagination.

Lead Generation tools to drive new leads

Fully customizable lead generation form allows you to entice user to fill out a lead form. Not limited to just leads, you can also present information, surveys, or any other custom website you create.

Company Brand Page advertisement

All posts lead to your company brand page to drive a call to action. Offer a coupon, show off a new product, fill out a lead form, whatever that will drive new customers to your business.

Esquire IMAX pulled in over $10,000 in 6 months.

Advertising and Sponsorships



Fully customization overlay that will be part of every photo. Include as many logos as you'd like. Change them out for different seasons and events. You can even load more than one for your customer to choose!


Easy to swap front poster makes customization a snap.


The photo station is completely wrappable for a fully custom look and feel. The high quality powder coat paint will not come off for re-wraps.